Posture / Biomechanical Analysis

Within your consultation you will be informed as to areas of muscle weakness and imbalance, as well as a full postural assessment. Tailored exercises will then be provided to address these findings and prevent injury.

A common question we are often asked at Haringey osteopaths is, how can I improve my posture? We are here to provide you with the answers. In your postural assessment we will be able to tell you which of your muscles are weak, which of your muscles are too tight, providing you with the solutions to solving that back ache you have been suffering with for years, as a result of poor posture. 

Alternatively, perhaps you are frustrated by the pain you keep getting playing your favourite sport. At Haringey Osteopaths we are experts in analysing how your body moves, and how this can contribute to the pain you keep getting from your tennis serve, or your golf swing, etc. Even better still we are able to provide you with the information you need to finally solve it. It may even improve your game!

This assessment is targeted for those of you who have had persistent pain that has failed to go away no matter what you've tried. 

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