Paddy Joyce (Osteopath)

Paddy Joyce (Osteopath)

I graduated from the British School of Osteopathy with a Masters in Osteopathy, and am a fully registered osteopath with the General osteopathic council. Prior to this, I completed a BSc in Sports and Exercise science at Loughborough University. As a sports scientist I specialised in the biomechanics of sports movements, and this now serves me well in analysing my patients and establishing how dysfunctional movement patterns/sports technique may contribute to injury. 

I founded Haringey Osteopaths in 2015, with the desire to create an osteopathy clinic that provides the highest quality of care for those suffering with pain. I have gained experience prior to this working alongside some of the best osteopaths in the region, across a range of clinics, treating people of all ages and varying situations. I am determined to provide the best possible care for my patients, motivated by my detest of seeing people in pain, having experienced injury myself. I continue to strive to become the best osteopath in the business, exploring and researching the best practice, as supported by the most up to date scientific research. This is reflected in the speed by which I am able to get my patients better.

I predominantly practice as a structural osteopath, focusing on how well your joints and muscles move, aiming to maximise my patient’s ability to function at their optimum. I will use a range of osteopathic techniques to do this, from articulations of your joints and muscles, to targeted manipulations to improve mobility, and reduce pain.

I specialise in the treatment of sports injuries having undergone further study in the biomechanics of sports injuries, as well as writing a research paper on injuries in racket sports. I have experience in treating sports men and women from variety of different sports, from beginners to professional athletes.

In addition, many of the patients I treat, I do so as a result of their poor posture, from all those hours spent at a desk! As an osteopath I have become an expert at recognising how faulty postures can contribute to back and neck pain, and better still I can help make that annoying pain go away, through individualised treatment programs and specific tailored advice.

I have further clinical experience in treating pregnancy related back pain and pelvic girdle pain/symphysis pubis dysfunction. I have had experience working in a specialist clinic for pregnant women and enjoy seeing the benefits of osteopathy in helping women have a less painful experience of pregnancy.

On your first consultation I will take a thorough case history with regards to your ailment, enabling me to form an accurate diagnosis. I may also ask questions regarding your day-to-day life, helping me to provide tailored advice to help you best in your recovery. Following on from this I will carry out a detailed physical examination, assessing for any musculoskeletal imbalances. This will then inform me as to the best course of treatment for you.

In addition to providing osteopathic treatment I am also experienced in deep tissue sports massage and medical acupuncture.

Outside of osteopathy I love playing sport.  I have been an avid squash player since the age of 10 and participate in Middlesex and Kent squash leagues for Coolhurst and Dulwich squash teams respectively. I also love to windsurf, albeit this being tricky living in central london!

I would like to extend a warm welcome to Haringey Osteopaths, and hope that you will be delighted by what we have on offer for you. If you have any questions we would love to hear from you. 

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